Thick Wall:

For thick wall plastic products like component parts, housings, and organizers, Plastic Systems offers engineering to required specifications combined with secondary operations/ fabricating that will enhance your final product and your bottom line cost.

Clear Polycarbonate Domes
Component Parts
Novelty Items

Thin Wall:

Rugged protection and attractive display of products combined with low cost tooling and low cost per piece production to make thin wall thermoforming the packager's first choice.

Blister Packs
Custom Packaging
Food Industry Molds
Part Separators
Translucent Display Covers

Plastic Systems thermoformed packaging is everywhere - protecting product in point of purchase displays and in organizers designed to safeguard parts during shipping.

Plastic Systems has the expertise and technology to solve packaging problems fast and economically. For thin wall plastic products such as clamshells, trays and containers, Plastic Systems offers design that fits products, displays attractively, provides rugged protection, and low price per piece. Compare us with other packaging manufacturers.